Friday, 24 January 2014

NYC Make-Up Purchases

On my recent travels to New York City, I treated myself to a whole new make-up collection. This was something that was well overdue as I was starting to use the last few drops of almost all of my products.

I decided to convert majority of make-up to NARS as I had heard both my friends and people online rave about how much they love, rely and continue to go back to this brand. So I decided to buy the necessities of foundation, concealer, translucent powder and a cheek pack. I have now been using the products for almost month now and I am so happy with the result. I love the way that these products make my skin look, with a very light and refreshing feel.

Probably my favourite purchase from my entire trip was Urban Decay's newly released Naked 3 eyeshadow palate. When I first went into Sephora they had completely sold out of  this palate pretty much everywhere over the entire country. When I returned later that afternoon however, they had managed to have delivered a few extra palates. Once I has those eyeshadows in my hand, I was sure not let go. I absolutely love all of the different shades within the set, and they complement one another.

NYC Make-Up Purchases

I also purchased two MAC lipsticks within the creme collection, as my lipsticks were looking a little sparse and the lipsticks were ridiculously cheap compared to back home. The first was a hot pink (lickable) and the second was a nude (creme d'nude).

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