Saturday, 21 December 2013

A Day in the Sun.

Living less than an hour from the beach, a road trip with friends to the sea side is a great way to spend a boiling hot day in the middle of an Australian summer. Lying on the sand hearing the waves crash on the shore has an instant calming effect, removing you from the busy hustle and bustle of the city. There are a few items for me that are essential to having a successful day at the beach.

A beach towel is always requires as it is a great way to avoid the burning sand, while still being able to enjoy the beach.
So that the skin on the bottom of your feet doesn't end up being sizzled by the burning cement or sand, make sure that you pack a pair of thongs, your feet will thank you the next day. I have defiantly forgotten this item in the past and trying to walk after the beach was a struggle to say the least.
I have recently started using little clear ziplock bags to pop all of my more expressive belongings in. This way they are protected from the sand and water, and your touchscreen electronics still remains functional.
In order to capture your amazing day in the sun, make sure to pack your Polaroid camera or your instant camera of choice. The beach was meant to be photographed in polaroids and it gives your pictures a much more genuine feel.
If you want to pop up to the shops during your day, make sure to pack a summery dress that you can throw on top of your togs. The dress code at the beach is extremely casual, so go for something very light and material that will dry quickly.

To make sure that your lips don't get too damaged from the combination of the drying sun and salt, don't forget to include an extremely moisturising lip balm.
Sunscreen is probably the most important item when trying to avoid getting burnt. Make sure you use a product with the highest SPF of 30+ for protection against the harmful rays. I recommend using a face specific sunscreen for your face, as it designed for this delicate skin and is usually a lot lighter, preventing breakouts a few days later. For an added protection you can also use zinc on areas that are particularly prone to burning. For me it is under my eyes and on my nose. Feel free to get experimental and use bright colours opposed to nude.

Now how would a day at the beach be complete without swimwear of your choice are an obvious essential. I recently purchased this spotty bikini off ASOS, which are extremely comfortable and a really lovely shape.
Speakers are perfect for a day in the beach. Make sure they are water resistant and protect your phone from the sun and sand. There is nothing more relaxing than listening to music and lying in the sun on a hot summers day.
So that your eyes are protected from the bright rays, make sure you remember to pack your favourite pair of sunglasses. There are so many different designs nowadays, so there is the perfect shape frame from everyone out there.

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