Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Perfect Skin Dream.

Makeup isn't something that I write extensively about and have a lot of knowledge on. However about a week ago I stumbled upon a makeup product that I felt I needed to share with you. I have quite oily skin, which is not helped by the extremely hot and humid Australian summer. I find that foundations are always a bit too heavy, causing me to break out even worse. I then opted for the tinted moisturiser route, but I find that even though they are much lighter, they don't have the coverage that I need.

So after wanting to try this product for so long, I finally bought it. BB Cream. I decided to go for Garnier's Miracle Skin Perfecter for combination to oily skin in a medium tone. I decided upon this brand after having my friends rave about its benefits, and I think I will be joining them. I am kicking myself for how long it took me to try this product as I have instantly fallen in love with it.

Garnier's BB Cream for combination to oily skin (40mL) - $14
This shade was a perfect match to my skin tone in summer, as I tend to go a lot darker. However I'm sure when winter comes back around, I will be able to mix colour in order to get the perfect match for my skin. The coverage that this product gives is fantastic. The little bit scaring that I have on my face from pimples is almost completely gone, as the BB Cream evens out my skin tone. I have found that I only need to go back on my face using a little bit of concealer on some of my worse pimples. This product is also good at keeping my face hydrated, giving my skin a beautiful healthy glow. As well as this it also contains SPF15!

I think that this product would be great for girls (and boys) who are conscious about their skin for school, but don't want to have to use heavy makeup everyday. It is extremely light on your skin, making you look as though it is your natural skin tone. As well as those dealing with teenage acne, it is also a great everyday product for everyone. Your skin will thank you for it!

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