Saturday, 28 September 2013

Dairy of a Tea Addict.

If someone where to ask me what my favourite drink was, I would answer tea without a second thought. One of the greatest ways to start a day is with a nice big cup of tea in bed. Even on the hottest summer days, I will always feel like a tea. That feeling of caressing a warm mug on a cold winters morning and sipping your drink warms your soul. Not to mention the phenomenal aromas that sprout from this cup of goodness. However there is more to tea then these feel-good reasons, as Tea brings many health benefits.

Tea contains antioxidants, protecting you from the ravages of ageing, cleansing your body. It also assists your immune system, strengthening it during winter times when sickness seems to be all around us. If you are unfortunate to contract an illness, tea assists your body fighting infection and will make your road to recovery a lot quicker. As well as this, tea keeps you hydrated, contributing to your overall  daily fluid needs. One of the greatest reason for drinking tea is that it is calorie free (unless you add sweeteners). If you are looking for a satisfying, calorie-free beverage, tea would be the drink of choice.

In life, you are either a tea or a coffee person. Most people swear by this beverage in order to help them function throughout the day. I am strictly a loyal tea drinker. A point that should be made is that tea contains severely less caffeine than coffee, but still does the trick of waking you up in the morning. So people who experience headaches, ingestion or the jitters are they drink their coffee, make the switch to tea and you will feel the instant positive change.

One of my favourite shops in the entire world to visit is T2. It is an entire shop completely devoted to tea junkies! The second you enter the store, your nose is filled with the various aromas of the hundreds of teas. As well as both ice and hot tea, there are the cutest vintage looking tea sets. However, one of the greatest things about tea is the great diversity of flavours that you can buy. There are no restrictions when it comes to tea flavours nowadays.

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