Monday, 30 September 2013

Fruit Loop or Cheerio?

I woke up this morning and while in bed with my tea I was scrolling through my Facebook news feed as I usually do. I don't know about you, but my news feed just seems to be filled with relatives photos and strange status updates. 

However upon my morning Facebook session, I stumbled upon this photo. I don't know why, but this childish quote really resonated with me. It isn't the most highbrow of literature, but a strong quote only has to be simple in order to be effective. Firstly, I love food! So anything that has even a slight connection to food is likely to hook me in. But once I had gotten past this part of the photo I really started to think about the quote's meaning.

If you had the choice of cereal, would you pick cheerios over fruit loops? I know I certainly wouldn't. So that is how we chose our friends. We look for those sugar sweet fruit loops in a world filled with boring old cheerios. Lets be honest, our closest friends always seem to be a little bit nuts. Everyone should want to stand out from the crowd and be noticed in the world.

Many people struggle to stand out in our hectic world, getting lost amongst the masses. However one of the easiest ways to be that fruit loop in a bowl of cheerios is through fashion. Fashion is an unspoken language, that allows us to express our feelings and emotions purely by the outfit we wear. But clothes and accessories are not all it takes to stand out. The most important key that must be used to unlock your individuality is style. Anyone can follow fashion trends, but it takes a truly confident individual to go against the trends and stand out from the crowd. Setting their own rules.

Material possessions are not all it takes to stand out. Your outlook on life and the perspective you take effects whether you are a fruit loop or cheerio. The most important thing to take from all of this is to be yourself. Don't hind that inner fruit loop, and allow yourself to be a little crazy every once in a while. Go against the stream of society in order to make your dent within the world.

"In order to be replaceable, one must always be different."

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