Thursday, 31 October 2013

Monthly Favourites | October

Summer Sandals
Every Summer I have to buy a new pair of sandals as each year I seem to "over love" them and wear them out. I am a sucker for a comfy pair of sandals that will last me through the warmer months. Now I usually go for a tan pair of sandals, that way they are able to match pretty much any other outfit. However this year I thought I would be a bit adventurous and go for a pop of colour. This cute shoes I purchased from Witchery and were only $80. I don't mind spending a little more on sandals, as I know I will get my money's worth. Also I am loving this lime green colour. I think it perfectly complements the silver.
Sandy Sandal (Citrus) - Size 41
Check Pattern
This fashion season I have been seeing a lot of this check pattern in the Northern hemisphere. So I thought I would be a part of this and I decided to to purchase a cropped shirt for this summer season. When I see this pattern, I automatically think of the Australian bush, as this is the style of shirt that I see a lot of the country folk wear. However the pattern now has more of a fashionable twist. I purchased this shirt online from Topshop. in was £28, which at the time was about $54. I have been pairing this shirt with denim shorts with either the top button done up, for a more "preppie" look, or just with the top buttons undone to be a little more casual.
Short Sleeve Check Shirt (Multi) - Size 10
Converse High Tops
My wardrobe has been desperate for these shoes for such a long time! Even though they are not the most appropriate shoes for summer, I most definitely will find more than a few occasions to wear them. They are a just a really comfortable and casual pair of shoes to wear. Converses are brilliant for a full day of university or any other activity that involves a lot of walking or standing. I managed to find a shop that was having a massive converse clearance. However as the red colour is one of the classic designs, mine unfortunately were not reduced. I was still more than happy however to pay the full retail price of $80.
Chuck Taylor All Star Hi (Red) - Size 9
One Direction Concert
On October the 21st, I went along with my sister to the One Direction concert. Can I say that I was not disappointed even slightly. The five boys bought so much energy to the stage and they bought a different attitude to all the songs they produced. You could tell that they made a really conscious effort to connect and interact with all their loyal fans. The arena that we were in was relatively large, but the band made an effort to connect with people, even right in the back row. The staging for their show was also amazing, having various English themed backdrops. I was fortunate enough to go to their concert last year, and I could see how much the group had developed vocally and as performers. I sure whoever has been to their Take Me Home tour will completely agree with me.

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