Friday, 25 October 2013

Study Tips.

I'm sorry that I haven't posted anything for a while, but this time of the year is always hectic as it is almost the end of the university year in Australia. So I have been frantically trying to finish all my assignments and study for exams. Now I know that these last few weeks of school or university can be extremely stressful, so I have devised some tips for you that will help you keep clam during this important time.

1. Eat balanced diet and be healthy
One of the greatest problems that I know a lot of people have, including myself, is the quality of their diet during exams. I am notorious for just snacking when I am studying, rarely eating proper meals. However when you do this your body gets a sugar rush for a while, but then it must come down from sugar high, you feel awful. Therefore eating foods such as bread, cereals and pasta contains carbohydrates, which slowly releases energy over a longer period of time. By eating this grain food group, it will make studying easier and you will find that you will be able to concentrate for longer periods of time and be productive.
Also remember to exercise and keep fit during this period. I know that you will be extremely busy but when you exercise, your body releases endorphins, which helps to reduce stress and will help you sleep better at night. However, make sure you exercise at appropriate times. I know that for myself, if I exercise to early I become lethargic for the remainder of the day.

2. Don't start a new television show
This is probably my worst study quality. Whenever exam times comes around, I always seem to pick up a new television show that I have been dying to watch. Now when I get hooked to a TV show I can't just just watch a few episodes. NO! I will literally sit down and watch an entire series over the period of a weekend. This semester the two shows I have done this for are Suits and I have just started Breaking Bad. Now this is a terrible idea, as it only leads to you being stressed for your exams and assignments. It is much better to have your episodes as a reward for a certain amount of study. So give yourself a set amount of time to study, then go and enjoy an episode, you've earned it!

3. Create a study plan
This is probably one of the greatest tips I can give you. Sit down for an hour one day and plan out your entire week. Include when you have time to study, exercise, work and of course socialise. This will show you how much time you have to prepare for an exam, which will either keep you calm for an exam or will force you to stop procrastinating and sit down and study. Students who have poor management skills, then I highly recommend doing this.

4. Get enough sleep
Sleep is one of the most essential things to being successful in your studies. If you pull continual "all-nighters", your body will be so exhausted that you will not retain your information. It is so much easier to study and you will be able to concentrate a lot longer, if you get a good night sleep.

Good luck for all of your assessment during this exam period!

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